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Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OutReach! Volunteers are an integral part of OutReach’s success; without passionate and dedicated people like you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Volunteers can assist in many different aspects of OutReach planning, programming, and implementation of services to our clients.


Volunteers can also help out with our fundraising events (i.e - annual Garden Party or Awards Banquet) or are needed with tabling events throughout the year (i.e. - various summer festivals or volunteer fairs.)

Volunteer Information

Volunteers must complete the volunteer application (either online or on paper), agree to a background check, interview with the Program Director, sign and agree to adhere to OutReach’s Ethics and Confidentiality Statement, and successfully complete any trainings pertinent to the volunteer activity of choice.

We ask our volunteers have a good attitude while volunteering, have empathy when working with diverse populations of people, and are responsible, reliable, have good communication skills, be non-judgmental, and trustworthy.

OutReach has the right to decline any volunteer application for any reason.

Drug & Alcohol Statement

OutReach, Inc. does not tolerate impaired performance due to substance abuse (legal or illegal) by its employees/volunteers while on the job.


The following is a statement of that policy:

OutReach, Inc. strictly prohibits the use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, or manufacture of illegal drugs, intoxicants, controlled substances, and/or drug paraphernalia in any amount or in any manner in the workplace. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs, if abused or used without proper medical direction, are strictly prohibited. Impaired performance due to substance abuse is a violation of agency policy and is prohibited. There is zero tolerance for volunteers being impaired while on the job. You will no longer be allowed to volunteer here if you show up to your shift under the influence.

Volunteer Trainings

After you submit your application, our Program Director should contact you within 5-7 business days.


An interview will take place should you be chosen and from there you will be scheduled into one of our trainings.

Training times vary with each open volunteer position. Most trainings are done in a group setting but we try to accommodate everyone's schedule as much as possible and we do have some one on one trainings.

If you need to reschedule or cannot make an assigned training date, please contact our Program Director and they will assist you further.

Things to Remember

(1) Time spent Volunteering.


Each volunteer position has its own unique role in the fabric of OutReach and each position has different responsibilities and functions. Positions also offer different time frames for which we need people.


For instance for our Front Desk Volunteers and Peer Counselors we ask that you commit to volunteering in this capacity for 3 hours per week for one year. Daytime, evening and weekend hours are available.

While volunteering for the day of PRIDE has a very specific date you can volunteer and throughout multiple times of the day.

Please treat your time here like you would any paying job. If you cannot show up for a shift, please try to arrange for another volunteer to cover it or call in enough advance time for us to find a replacement. Please try to arrive on time as much as possible and if you find the time does not work for you anymore, please give us enough notice that you are leaving so we can find a new volunteer to fill your role here.

(2) You are always representing OutReach

When you are volunteering with OutReach - whether at the office, out in public, at an event, etc - remember that you are the face of the agency and any kind of behavior that might seem inappropriate is a reflection on all of us. Be mindful how you present yourself at events or in the office. We want everyone to feel free to be themselves, but also to conduct yourself in ways that are appropriate. 

(3) Above all, have fun!

We may have some rules and regulations you must follow, but OutReach has plenty of time for you to enjoy your time volunteering! Whether it's our Holiday Parties, PRIDE, or hanging out at the Center, there are plenty of occasions to get to know your community!

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