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OutReach has a long history of support and social groups that cross many spectrums of the LGBT Community. Click on the list topics to find one that works for you!



For more info on Groups

Contact us at 608.255.8582, or email

Want to have your group meet at OutReach?

Any group wanting to meet at OutReach should contact our staff at the above phone or e-mail.

Do groups still meet in case of bad weather? Do they meet on holidays?

Please call to check about meeting status around holidays. During periods of severe or inclement weather, call 255-8582 to see if OutReach will be open or if the group will be meeting. Due to the COVID 19 virus, some of our groups have moved to ZOOM for online meetings or a hybrid of in-person and Zoom. The information is below.

OutReach party in meeing room

In-person groups meet at OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center (2701 International Lane, Madison, WI 53703) in Suite 104 (Large Conference Room) unless otherwise noted. Virtual groups meet by Zoom. To get the Zoom link for any meeting, please email contact person listed for that group. Hybrid groups meet with an option to join in-person at OutReach or virtually via Zoom.


If you do not see a social and support group listed that meets your needs and/or you are interested in starting a social and support group, please contact OutReach staff at 608-255-8582. Groups are listed in alphabetical order.


To double-check meeting days and times, check OutReach’s calendar at


Updated: 14 March 2023


B.O.P.P.+ (In-person)

Are you non-monosexual, fluid, or questing? Bisexual Omni Pan and Polysexuals plus (B.O.P.P.+) is a social group that provides a safe place to interact and enjoy activities with other non-monosexuals! B.O.P.P.+ (previous Bi-versity) meets once a month to enjoy various social events/activities. Email us with questions or more information.

MEETING INFO: The group meets the first Thursday of every month from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

CONTACT INFO: Email Shannon at

Learning Collective Liberation: A Book Club, Discussion and Action Group (Formerly Reading Anti-Racism - Virtual)

In order to practice collective liberation we need to learn collective liberation through political education, discussing the theory and transforming that theory into actions. Let’s imagine and build new worlds together! Books will be chosen based on an anti-oppression theme, from various authors and intersectional topics!

​MEETING INFO: This group is hosted by OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center and meets the 4th Saturday of the month on Zoom from 1pm - 2:30pm.


Join the Facebook group here:


LGBTQ+ Al-Anon 12-Step Meeting (Hybrid)

MEETING INFO: Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. Meetings are currently hybrid, with the option to join in-person or via Zoom.

CONTACT INFO: Email: Linda at Call: 608-255-8582 for more information.


LGBTQ 50+ Alliance

The LGBTQ 50+ Alliance supports and enriches the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people 50 years and older, with the goal of successfully aging. In this effort, we provide a broad array of social, educational, and support services to the LGBT Community 50+ and over, all of which are free or low-cost. Find out more at


                     CQCQCQ (In-person)

                     “CQ” (curious queers) is a call for all to join in the conversation! Members decide topics and                              provide presentations. Visits to other LGBTQ+ Groups, free community concerts, museums,                            nature walks, etc. are encouraged. This group is open to people of all ages: We’ll learn where                          we are from you, and you can learn how we got there from us.

                      MEETING INFO: The first and third Thursdays of the month from 1:00 to 3:00pm at the                                    OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center.


                      LGBTQ 50+ Alliance Gay, Gray and Beyond Group (In-person)

                      Gay, Gray, and Beyond is a casual discussion group for LGBTQ+ elders. Gay, Gray, and

                      Beyond is not a therapy or support group. If you are in need of therapy or support services,                              contact OutReach's Elder Advocate, Kristi Mason, at 608-255-8582.

                      MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 2:00-4:00pm at the                                Madison Senior Center, 330 W Mifflin St. Madison, WI 53703.

Madison Area Transgender Association (MATA) Social/Support Group (Hybrid)

MATA and its Facebook group are only open to transgender, gender expansive, and questioning individuals ages 18 and over. Members of police, immigration authorities, or their supporters are not allowed at MATA group meetings or in the Facebook group. There is a private Facebook group where meeting reminders and zoom links are posted:

​MEETING INFO: The first and third Saturdays of each month from 3:00-5:00pm and the second and fourth Fridays of each month from 7:00-9:00pm.

CONTACT INFO: Email Gabe at


Madison Gay Men's Forum (In-person)

We gather to engage and connect with other gay and bisexual men in the community in an authentic and vulnerable way to help alleviate loneliness and isolation. We are peer-led and do not follow any one leader or teacher. This is a forum of empowerment and doesn’t ask us to believe in anything other than our own potential.

The format of group meetings includes discussion of personal life challenges and goals, book studies, and sharing of experiential practices, artistries, and other member interests.

Group membership is open to cisgender male and trans identities.

MEETING INFO: Meets Mondays at 7pm at OutReach.



Masks and Mascs (In-person) - ON HIATUS
Masks and Mascs is a discussion group of the masculine identity using media as a framework.
We as a group take turns reading plays (hence the "Masks" of comedy and tragedy,) scripts, poems, etc., and then have discussion about the Masc characters and how their roles in the stories were defined by their gender identity, and how
we individually relate to that. This group is 18+ and is open to people of all identities, as there is inherent value in questions and varying perspectives.

MEETING INFO: First and third Tuesdays of each month from 7:00 to 8:30pm at OutReach



Our Faith/Queer Faith – On hiatus

Join us for our drop-in spiritual space welcoming to all across the spiritual spectrum. We will discuss the joy of Queering of faith/philosophy or other topics as they come forward. Vica-Etta, the convener of this space, is a woman, Queer, transgender who believes deeply that the most important truths of any faith or Philosophy is that we are already wonderful and loved.

MEETING INFO: Group on hiatus – will resume meeting soon.

CONTACT INFO: Connect with Vica-Etta on social media or email AJ at


Progress Not Perfection: LGBTQ+ Substance Use Harm Reduction Recovery Group

Harm reduction addresses alcohol and substance use disorders through prevention, treatment, and recovery. The objective is not always total abstinence, rather progress that focuses on steps to ensure recovery success, reduces harm, and encourages safe use. This is a peer-support group. The only requirement for membership is a desire to recover from the harm created by alcohol and substance use.

MEETING INFO: Every other Wednesday – check OutReach calendar for meeting times.Progress Not Perfection will move to meeting every week in June. Stay tuned for updates!

CONTACT INFO: Email: Linda at Call: 608-255-8582 for more information.


Queer and Trans Survivor Support Group at RCC Madison

This group is a confidential space for LGBTQ+ survivors to gather, build community, and navigate the effects of sexual violence together. It is facilitated by queer and/or trans RCC staff.

Over the course of 8 once-a-month virtual sessions, the group rotates through pre-agreed upon and collectively chosen topics such as coping skills, relationships & boundaries, and deconstructing stigma.

Each topic is focused on for two sessions: The first meeting focuses on skills-building and education, followed by a discussion-based session each of the following months.

CONTACT INFO: Email or visit


Q-Cinema (In-person)

Q-Cinema is a social film group created by OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center. Group members gather and watch LGBTQ+ films and mini-series, with snacks provided!

MEETING INFO: The second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:45pm.

CONTACT INFO: Email Brian at

Rainbow Adventure Discoverers (RAD) (In-person)

Rainbow Adventure Discoverers (RAD) is an adventure and educational group for LGBTQ+ adults. We focus on Culture, Nature, Outdoors, and Health. Drop-ins welcome!

MEETING INFO: First and third Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30pm. CONTACT INFO:


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