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Transgender Services

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center provides social and support to the Madison and South Central Wisconsin Trans* and Non-Binary Community in a 

variety of ways!

Whether through our M.A.T.A. leadership team and programming, OutReach's Transgender Advocate, or our Resources and Referrals, OutReach is proud to serve our community!

OutReach Trans* History

Providing Services to Our Trans* and Non-Binary clients for over 20 years!

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center has been providing Trans* based services since its inception. It wasn't until the late 90's and early 2000's that the center helped build one of the earliest versions of M.A.T.A. - Madison Area Transgender Association - and provided a space for their meetings and the group itself became one of the fiscally sponsored orgs at OutReach.

OutReach later added a new position of Transgender Health Advocate onto its staff. Darla Lannert served as our first Trans Health Advocate and later Ginger Baier filled that role. AJ Hardie once had this role before becoming OutReach Program Director. Currently, Gabriel Loredo is the current successor but the title has been changed to Transgender Advocate as our Trans and Non-Binary community needs change.

OutReach provides support, socializing, advocacy, health awareness, and knowledge to the Trans* Community of Madison, WI and South Central Wisconsin.  

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M.A.T.A - Madison Area Transgender Assoc.

Different by Nature, Proud by Choice.

The Madison Area Transgender Association was founded by Laura Gutknecht in 1998. At the time it was known as the Madison Transgender Support Group.

In May of 2002, Dawn, Ann Knittel, and Rose took over the reigns from Laura. In June 2002, the Wisconsin Transsexxual Support Group was born.

Leaders came and went through the years as did different meeting types. Currently, MATA runs a support group that meets every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month at 7pm and 1st & 3rd Sat of the month at 3pm. Both groups meet at OutReach.

As of November 2020, MATA has become an official group of OutReach and no longer just a project of the center.

In the 2020's, MATA has created the Annual Trans Care Package Drive to help those in need during the Holidays and in early sping the TRANS JOY event that provides a safe space and connection to those in the Trans and Non-Binary communities in Dant County and beyond!

To join MATA on our Facebook Group click HERE.

To join MATA on our Facebook Fan Page click HERE.

For more information email Maddison at or Gabriel Loredo at


Resources & Referrals (Trans*/ Gender Non Conforming/Non-Binary)

The list will continue to grow and expand as new services appear or we receive updates on area resources. If you would like to see something added, please contact OutReach IT & Media Director, Brian Maulana-Ponce at

*Note - If you find your service or business missing from this page, please know it wasn't on purpose. Please contact us at the e-mail above and we will gladly add you!


Health Resources:

*Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Gender Health Clinic

Children's Wisconsin is committed to improving the lives of all children and youth in any facet of their health and well-being. That is why we recognize the need for a health clinic devoted to children and youth who may have concerns of any kind relating to gender identity. We are dedicated to providing care, education and support to patients and their families, while being sensitive to different experiences and circumstances.

The Gender Health Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic focused on children and youth seeking assistance with gender identity development and transition concerns.

Click HERE for their website

*Dr. Z PhD

Gender Specialist at DR Z PHD: for transgender, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary, and gender diverse individuals.

Click HERE for YouTube Links

*Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health (PATH) Clinic

The Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health (PATH) Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin provides education about medical care options for gender-variant children and adolescents.

Click HERE for their website

* Wisconsin Department of Health Services

For their list of services for the Transgender Community of Wisconsin

Click HERE for their website

*The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization devoted to transgender health. For a list of their members in Wisconsin (including doctors, therapists, Surgeons, etc), click the link below

Click HERE for their website

Trans* Resources:

*Diverse & Resilient



*Freedom Inc.

(Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools)


*Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (UW-Madison)

*Madison Area Transgender Association (MATA)


*Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

*OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center

*Transgender Youth Resource Network (TYRN) of Wisconsin

*Trans Law Help Wisconsin

*TransLiberation Art Coalition

*TransParent Group


*Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition

Everyday Resources:

*Chrysalis Hair and Body
Hair Salon/Clothing/boutique


Transgender Advocacy

About Advocacy & Transgender Advocate

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center has different advocate positions to assist the community in a variety of ways.

Currently, OutReach's Transgender Advocate is Gabriel Loredo. 


If you wish to inquire about Transgender Services at OutReach, contact Gabriel at or call 608.255.8582 M-F from 12pm to 7pm.

Services Provided by the Transgender Advocate

There are 4 Key areas that the Transgender 

Advocate provides:

1. Peer Counseling

2. Advocacy

3. General Support

4. Education Services

  • Transgender Cultural Competency Training

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Peer Counseling

In this role, the Trans Advocate offers individual peer counseling for a variety of transgender and gender identity issues. Whether it’s coming out, relationships, self-esteem, transitioning, linking to area resources, etc --- The Peer Counseling services are a great way to connect for help.


The overarching goal of advocacy is to address the societal barriers that interfere with client's functionality and well-being and an important part of the Transgender Advocate's work. 

This can be advocacy for a single client to working with lawmakers or other advocacy groups to provide nondiscrimination protections for the entire transgender community.

General Support

The Transgender Advocate also provides services that can help benefit clients like referrals to local agencies or business that are friendly to trans* folx, education on medical and social transition, attend festivals and events distributing information, provide safe sex condom distribution to local bars and nightclubs, etc.

Educational Services

The Transgender Advocate provides education and trainings for agencies, organizations, and groups that serve or have members of the the transgender community working with them throughout Dane County and across the state of Wisconsin Among those trainings is the Transgender Cultural Competency Training which you can scroll down to view more.

The trainings and education provided are designed to enable these groups to become more inclusive, more culturally competent, and understand the discrimination and life concerns faced by the members of the transgender community.

The Advocate also provides education for families, friends, and loved ones of transgender clients.

Transgender Cultural Competency Training

The trainings are available by contacting OutReach Program Director, AJ Hardie or the current Trans Advocate, Gabriel Loredo.

Trainings can be adapted to the interest and length of time determined by the requestor.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Talking Transgendered: Get to Know Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming People

  • Talking Transgender Healthcare

  • Talking Transgender Discrimination

  • Talking Transgender: How to be an Ally

  • Talking Transgender: Terminology and Culture

Trainings are available in different formats:

  • In person trainings

  • Online Trainings

  • Smaller groups using Zoom Meeting

  • Webinars for Large Groups

  • Our Individual Webinar series available to one or more people.


Gabriel Loredo

OutReach Transgender Advocate

(608) 255-8582


12pm to 7pm)

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