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OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center produces three publications that bring information to the community! First is our yearly Directory, second is it's sister publication, the monthly Calendar & Guide, and last is our online eNewsletter!

The Directory

Since the early 1990's, The Directory has been an unparalleled resource to the LGBT Community. Profiling more than 150 LGBT organizations and 200 LGBT-friendly businesses, The Directory is a veritable LGBT "yellow-pages". 


The online version of The Directory can be found by clicking HERE or by it's URL:

OutReach Calendar & Guide

The OutReach Calendar & Guide dates back many decades to one of our parent organizations, the Madison Gay & Lesbian Resource Center. Each month it lists the events and meetings that are important to you. No other resource is as comprehensive.

The online version of The Calendar and Guide can be found by clicking the HERE.

OutReach eNewsletter

Created in the early 2000's by former Program Director, Harry Straetz, the eNewsletter is released a few times a month either with a major OutReach event happening or telling the public about major events and news happening locally or nationally - either OutReach related or from other sources.

You can click HERE to send an email to our Graphics Coordinator to sign up to receive the eNewslettter or scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up in the eNewsletter section.


Where can you get information about how to advertise in either the print version of The Directory or Calendar & Guide?  About advertising in the eNewsletter? Look below for our OutReach contacts

The Directory

For Sales & Art:

Brian Maulana- Ponce, Graphics Coordinator


OutReach Calendar & eNewsletter

For Art & Sales:

Brian Maulana-Ponce, Graphics Coordinator


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