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OutReach MAGIC Festival Planning

To the LGBTQ+ Community,

OutReach is in a period of growth and change, and we are so excited to be more connected to our community and to be given the opportunity to do better by you. We absolutely could not do this work without your support. And we hope your support continues so that we may continue to serve those most impacted in the community, those most vulnerable facing situations that cause barriers to their well-being and access to their basic human needs. When we come together as a community, we can conquer these barriers and create bridges in their place.

In the interest of continuing to build community, trust, and healing, and following the

overwhelming succe

ss of the first OutReach Magic Festival: A Pride Celebration, we are so incredibly excited to announce that we will be hosting the OutReach Magic Festival as our Pride event for the foreseeable future, to be held on the third Sunday in August annually.

This does mean that the 2018 OutReach Pride Parade was the last Pride parade that OutReach will be hosting. If any community organization decides to take up the task of planning a Pride parade, we will offer what we learned from our 5 years hosting, but we cannot be involved in the planning, promotion, or logistics involved.

Coming off the success of the first OutReach Magic Festival, an event that centered community and togetherness, we have decided that as a community center planning a festival is more in line with our mission and does more to promote connections within the local community than the Pride parade. Considering the massive amount of work that planning and running the festival involved, we decided that we have neither the capacity, nor the desire, to try to hold the parade and host a festival. We believe in the longevity of the OutReach Magic Festival and we look forward to expanding and improving the Pride festival experience for years to come.

Festival planning for 2020 is already in progress, and there are several ways that folks can get involved. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in helping organize!

We hope to keep the festival a free/donation only admission event through support and

sponsorships from local organizations, so if your organization is not yet involved please

encourage them to send support in any way possible, whether it is through a monetary

sponsorship, tabling or vending, supporting volunteers, or promoting the event to the community, every little bit counts.

We will release more details regarding calls for performers, fundraising opportunities, calls for volunteers, planning events and other community events related to the 2020 OutReach Magic Festival: A Pride Celebration.

We cannot wait to see you all there!

Jill Nagler

OutReach Board President

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