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OutReach looking for a candidate to represent us on the Civilian Oversight Board

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Madison Police Oversight Committee & OutReach, Inc. Nomination Criteria

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center of Madison and South Central Wisconsin (OutReach, Inc) is looking for a candidate to represent us on the Civilian Oversight Board.

MGO 5.20 requires that the Civilian Oversight Board have a diverse composition in the following intersectional areas of lived experience and identities:

• Homelessness

• Mental health

• Substance abuse

• Arrest or conviction records

• Racial and ethnic diversity

• Members of the LGBTQ+ community; and affiliation with an organization in the field of: Mental Health; Youth Advocacy; and AODA.

OutReach will also consider the following additional lived experiences and identities when making appointments: age, socioeconomic status, gender, geographic residence, and work experience. Individual members may represent more than one of the categories listed above.

Civilian Oversight Board members must be Madison residents when they are appointed, and may not have ever been employed by the MPD, be an immediate family member of current or former MPD employees, or worked as a law enforcement officer within the State of Wisconsin in the ten (10) years prior to becoming a Member of the Board. For purposes of this ordinance “immediate family” means an individual’s spouse or designated family or registered partner or an individual’s relative by marriage, lineal descent or adoption.

Must be broadly affiliated with OutReach, Inc. or fit the demographic of the clients we serve.

To enter you must fill out the Civilian Oversight Board application and submit a Statement of Interest - link to download is below.

All submissions must be turned in by Monday, September 12th.

For questions, please contact OutReach Board Member Dana Pellebon at

Email filled out form provided to Dana's email provided above.

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