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OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center Statement regarding the recent tragedy in Kenosha, Wisconsin

This past Sunday an unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake, was shot seven times in the back by police in front of his family. He is a victim of Police Brutality and unjustified racism. This unfortunate and racist incident was captured on video. The man was unarmed and DID NOT deserve this attack or treatment.

As a community center we would like to extend our support to the Kenosha community and the families impacted by this tragedy. There is No justification for shooting an unarmed Black man. We have to do better by uplifting communities all throughout the State and nation.

OutReach strives to support our People of Color allies and QTPOC/BBIPOC individuals every day to meet our mission.

Please keep Jacob Blake and his family in your hearts. If you need support due to this tragedy, please call OutReach weekday noon to 7 pm at (608) 255 8582.

This is a rough time for us all. We need to respect that it has had a significant impact on Communities of Color. OutReach will continue to do our best to uplift Black people that have been effected by this horrific and appalling event.

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center Staff and Board,

Mark Hargrove (Program Director), Jill Nagler (Board President), and Steve Starkey (Executive Director)

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