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LGBTQ+ AODA Initiatives of the LGBTQ+ AODA

Advocate Position:

  • Develop services and programs targeted to LGBTQ+        people in recovery to address our needs as a marginalized, at-risk, or underserved community.


  • Direct and receive referrals to and from our recovery partners for our LGBTQ+ community members struggling with alcohol and/or drugs, or those currently in recovery.​

  • Inform the public of the LGBTQ+ AODA services OutReach and its partners offer, including recovery meetings in the community and at OutReach. 


  • Educate and train AODA service providers to be more LGBTQ+ welcoming, and culturally competent to serve our community.

OutReach and the LGBTQ+ AODA Advocate works with several community partners to help with our goals.

LGBTQ+ Recovery Partners
Develop programming, direct and receive client referrals, partner with recovery coaches, and inform the public of the services available to our LGBTQ+ AODA community offered in conjunction with our partners:   

Recovery Coalition
The Dane County Chemical Dependency Consortium and the Mental Health Coalition merged in 2013 to form the Recovery Coalition of Dane County (RCDC). The Recovery Coalition of Dane County (RCDC) strengthens individuals and communities through a collaborative network that supports Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery.

Safe Communities
Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County is a local non-profit coalition that brings together public and private sector partners to save lives, prevent injuries and make our community a safer place. We focus on projects and programs with a track record of positive impact and success. Our core areas of work correspond to our community’s top causes of injury and injury-related death: Traffic Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Child Safety, Drug Poisoning Prevention, Falls Prevention, and Suicide Prevention.

Pride in Prevention Coalition (PIP-C)
PIPC is a LGBTQ substance use prevention coalition in Dane county. Our goal is to reduce and prevent substance use within the LGBTQ community. PIP-C Mission: Mission: PIPC works to reduce and prevent substance use and addiction through awareness, education, intervention, prevention and advocacy.

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