Update July 2021

Dear LGBTQ+ Community Members:


OutReach would like to thank you all for your cooperation during the pandemic. While adjustments were made to accommodate virtual support and safe interactions, we have decided that we will be re-opening this summer. Our opening policy has been attached to this post. We have decided to open our doors to the public starting Monday, August 16th, 2021. 

With that said, all staff and community members are required to wear a mask in the space. If you have questions about meeting space and availability contact Mark Hargrove or Steve Starkey at (608) 255-8582. Walk-in services will be available, however, all service related inquiries should be scheduled in advance with staff as they do have appointments and other responsibilities. 

We are happy to get back to some normalcy, but we implore all visitors and staff to be safe and cautious in the Center at all times. Thank you for your contribution in maintaining a healthy and safe community.


Thank you for your Cooperation.

Jill Nagler
OutReach Board President

Steve Starkey
OutReach Executive Director

Mark Hargrove, Jr.
OutReach Program Director

COVID 19 Return to Office Policy


Phase 1 – Beginning August 16th, 2021 at noon.

Six or fewer staff/Board members are in the office at one time, unless approved by agency leadership. 

  1. Masks

    1. Employees and community members are required to wear masks when they enter the office.

    2. Employees are required to wear a mask when moving about inside the Outreach office. 

    3. Employees must wear masks when meeting with clients and other visitors.

    4. Employees and Board Members are permitted to remove their masks when they are inside their own office space with the door closed.

    5. All clients and visitors must wear masks at all times. 

  2. Cleaning 

    1. At the end of a shift/group in the office, employees and volunteers are responsible for wiping down high-touch surfaces with Clorox or Lysol (or off-brand) disinfecting wipes. 

      • Surfaces that should be wiped down include but are not limited to: pens, keyboards, touch pads, doorknobs, counter tops etc., Cleaning supplies are in every common area

    2. Any surface touched by a client or visitor should be wiped down by an OutReach employee who served them, immediately after they (the client or visitor) leave. 

      • If the client or visitor only enters the front office, the Office Coordinator should wipe down the surfaces.

    3. Disinfecting products will be in every common area and meeting space. There is a general Cleaning station located up front by the main Suite entrance. 

    4. Employees should email the Office Coordinator to let them know when cleaning products are low. The email should include the office location where the wipes are running low.

  3. Hygiene  

    1. Employees, Board Members, Visitors, and Volunteers must wash or sanitize their hands:

      • At the beginning of each shift/meeting/group

      • Between client appointments (if applicable)

      • Before interacting with other employees or community members

      • After using the All Gender restroom

  4. Client Scheduling 

    1. All appointments should be scheduled in advance. Moreover, walk-ins are still allowed in the main office area but NOT in the large conference room unless appointment with staff.  To schedule an appointment, please call (608) 255 – 8582.