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Update March 1st, 2022

COVID 19 Office Policy

Phase 3 – March 1st, 2022 and on-going

No limit on people in the space. Social distancing is required for group meet-ups.

1. Masks

       a. Employees and community members have the option to wear a mask
       b. Employees are not required to wear a mask when moving about inside the
           Outreach office.
       c. Employees must remain socially distanced with clients and in meeting         

           spaces. In one-on- one client meetings, please remain distanced. When

           less than 6 feet apart, please consider wearing a mask.
       d. Virtual meetings are encouraged but NOT required. Hybrid meetings are a

           great option to fulfill this need.

2. Cleaning

       a. Upon interaction, employees and volunteers are responsible for wiping

          down high-touch surfaces with Clorox or Lysol (or off-brand) disinfecting

       b. Any surface touched by a client or visitor should be wiped down by an   

           OutReach employee who served them, after they (the client or visitor)

      c. Disinfecting products will be in every common area and meeting space.
      d. Employees should communicate when cleaning products are low. The email

          should include the office location where the wipes are running low.

3. Hygiene

       a. Employees, Board Members, Visitors, and Volunteers must wash or
           sanitize their hands:

      *Before and after interacting with other employees or community members
      *After using the All Gender restroom

      b. NO strong scents, perfumes, or colognes inside the space

      c. If using the kitchen, please pick up and clean after yourself. You can eat in

         open spaces without having the be masked before and after your meal.

4. Client Scheduling

     a. All one-on-one appointments should be scheduled in advance. If less than 6

        feet apart then mask should be considered. Moreover, walk-ins are still

        allowed in the main office area but NOT in the large conference room unless

        appointment with staff. To schedule an appointment, please call (608) 255 –


    b. Willma’s Fund meetings will remain virtual unless client and Program Director

        have agreed to an in-person meeting time.
    c. Volunteers are encouraged to come into the space and communicate with

        staff for their needs and duties.

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