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OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center offers community space for groups to meet or hold meetings. Our community space is intended to be an accessible resource to any and all groups that hold our mission in their work.

Donations from room use will go towards agency maintenance and program support.


Please connect with OutReach staff ( on room availability

Suggested Donation for Facility Use

OutReach asks for a minimal donation to use our space; a donation of $20 for an hour and then an additional $10 for each additional hour. For example, an event lasting four hours equals a $50 donation to OutReach.


Donation must be arranged before the event.


We would like this space to be available for all groups, so if the cost is a barrier for you, please connect with Steve Starkey.

Data Collection

OutReach receives city and county funding which means we have to record anonymous demographics from each person who receives our services, events, and programs. By signing this form, you agree to record demographics for your event using the record sheet provided by OutReach in this packet. Additional forms are located in each room.

Reservation Use

OutReach, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 and cannot be involved in partisan politics. Therefore, the space is NOT available where admission is charged or collection taken for the benefit of any political party, political or quasi-political movement or candidate.


OutReach does not have insurance to host movement-type groups (yoga, dance, or other forms of exercise or movement). If your group involves any sort of physical activity, you must have your own form of liability insurance. If you have any questions, please let OutReach know.

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